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Grab a snack, a glass of wine…you know, whatever makes you need to get comfy. Welcome!

Based in Atlanta, GA, Kalyn is a 20-something that loves to travel, write and create the things. She took the go to school and get a job route and is finding out that a typical 9-to-5 lifestyle may not be for her. This blog is about the journey of figuring it all out. As much as it is for you, it is for her.

The Kay Way is a collection of lifestyle topics, such as: travel, love, health, womanhood, growth and all of the ups and downs in-between. This one is for all of the avid dreamers going for their aspirations…

..every last one of them.

Hopefully something you come across on this bloggery brings you inspiration, joy and a smile.

The Kay Way is constantly growing and changing, so keep coming back! Take a look around, engage and don’t hesitate to contact Kay.