15 Black YouTubers I Love

15 Black YouTubers I Love

I love YouTube. Cable where? Netflix, Hulu and YouTube are all I need.

I remember YouTube before vlogging was a thing and prior to people making a lucrative career out of it—that’s still so amazing to me!

Over time I’ve subscribed to a wide variety of YouTubers. Not surprisingly, I’ve found that I relate best to the accounts of black women. So, I’ve cultivated a list of 15 black women I love on Youtube.

It was hard, but check them out!

  1. BeeUtifullyMade
    Georgia girl Tia, aka BeeUtifully Made, is like the older sister I never had, but wish I did. She has the most genuine spirit and quit her job as an attorney to become a stay at home mom to the cutest kids ever.
  2. TeQuerra Miller 
    TeQuerra Miller is quality entertainment, okay! She has the cutest baby boy, is effortlessly funny and keeps it all the way real about being a young stepmom. She lives up to her slogan: Tell the Truth Teq! Sis, met her husband on a dating app.
  3. Jonné Veree
    Jonné Veree is a professional cheerleader that openly vlogs about the ups and downs of auditions, game days and practices. It’s inspiring to watch her chase her dreams. Plus, she’s my friend/former college roomie.
  4. Ashley Devonna
    Ashley Devonna, fka AshleyDBeauty, glows while navigating her 20-somethings. Her animated personality keeps me cracking up and her try-on hauls are always on point.
  5. Charisse Christine
    Charisse Christine is what I think of when I think of a Cali girl: laid-back, great style and vegan (ijs.). She has a soothing personality and slays her editing. She comes through with the vegan recipe inspo, too.
  6. Jena Emily Utley
    When I first started watching Jena, she was a recently eloped, professional dancer with a head full of hair. Sis let the hair go and now rocks a fade! Her accent is everything, her body is everything, her faith is everything.
  7. Ashley Smith TV
    I live vicariously through Ashley Smith TV’s life as a flight attendant. She keeps it real and informative about FA life as she travels all over the USA. Getting paid to travel = goals!
  8. Amber Martin
    Amber Martin is a true Southern girl, charm and accent included. Her discipline to fitness and clean eating makes me question every cheat day and missed work out. Currently, Amber vlogs her life after college.
  9. Dakota Brown
    Dakota Brown is a young, single mommy killing it. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, for real! I came across her channel through my YouTube suggested videos and didn’t even realize we went to college together.
  10. Ms Vaughn TV
    Ms Vaughn TV is a YouTube OG, who killed the natural hair game together with her late sister. Vaughn is the epitome of cool to me, from her attitude to her style and music taste. I love her vibe.
  11. Carnal Dish
    The way Chef Resha creates a meal takes me through all the emotions. Her sweet & spicy honey garlic wings recipe found its way to me a couple years ago and I haven’t been the same. Btw, her Twitter is lit af, too.
  12. Jaelah Majette
    Jaelah Majette started it all with her big chop and now her hair is everything! She’s blunt af in her tutorials and vlogs, but that’s why I love her. She adores her man, her new baby boy and her cat, Tyrone. 
  13. Erica Fae
    Erica Fae is aesthetic goals. She has documented her highs and lows with strength and is consistent to her brand. She always delivers chill, unique content and her Faemix’s are the perfect music to vibe out to.
  14. Sophiology
    A Texas baddie, Sophiology is a master with the hair tutorials. What wig? What lace? What frontal? She recently started vlogging and it’s what I didn’t know I needed because her personality is so bomb.
  15. NaturalNeiicey
    NaturalNeiicey is known for her hair tutorials, but her travel and bae adventures keep me hooked. She’s a Toronto girl that exudes natural beauty and keeps it simple. Her down-to-earth personality keeps me glued in.
  16. Jayla Koriyan
    Jayla Koriyan, fka Glamaholic54, is truly a bossed up 20-something that says what she wants and go gets it. I started watching her HBCU college vlogs. Now, she has graduated and is living her glam life as a New Yorker.

Whew, creating a list of 15 was a struggle! I purposely excluded YouTubers in the close to and over a million subscribers gang, but it would be remiss of me not to at least mention people like…Jackie Aina? ItsMyRayeRaye? Peakmill? Chic Natural? Naptural85? Shameless Maya? A few more YouTube OGs that I love!

I’m always looking for new creators to follow. Who are some of your favorite WOC on YouTube? Comment below!



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