Ultimate ‘Get Ready for Summer’ Playlist

Ultimate ‘Get Ready for Summer’ Playlist

So, we all know summer is literally RIGHT around the corner and I have a feeling this summer is going to be a good one. You know what? We’re going to MAKE this summer an epic one! Music helps me get my mood right for just about anything and I’ve been getting some of my favorite songs, old and new, together for a slight pre-summer vibe!

Look below and get into what I’m listening to these days as summer gets closer and closer. I like what I like, so this playlist has a little bit of everything. You can turn up one second, be at a BBQ the next and feel like you need to be burning incense somewhere the next second. It’s just how I am. 

Click here to add the full playlist to your Apple Music account! Put it on shuffle and enjoy!


kay monique.


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