Well, hello!

If you’ve been browsing around, I’m sure you’ve read that I’m grateful for you. And I’m going to say it again here – I am so grateful that you are here! Welcome!

I’m Kalyn, a self-proclaimed travel aficionado. I know that everyone’s circumstances are different, but I truly believe that becoming a traveller is attainable for all and everyone should experience new places and cultures. It is truly soul-filling. This blog aims to satisfy and grow your wanderlust spirit with advice and actionable steps that are provided from personal experience.

I am currently based in Atlanta, GA and work in the corporate world. I started The Kay Way in 2016 and from the beginning, I’ve always aimed to make this a place for all of the avid dreamers going for their aspirations and those afraid to take the first step.

I don’t travel as often as I would like to…yet! So, you will also find me writing about other lifestyle topics. However, the goal remains the same – to provide inspiration, joy and a good laugh. 

As my life evolves, so will my blog.  Take a look around and keep coming back!

Again, I’m so glad you’re here!