Bye, Bye Cramps

Bye, Bye Cramps

Once a month, this miniature demon comes to attack the happiness and joy of a woman.


Literally, I’m sure most of us would willingly go without those days of pain and discomfort. Like for real! The pain. The cramps. Let’s talk about it.

Why do we cramp?

Simply put, there is a uterus musclecontraction that is triggered by released hormones. Those hormones are called prostaglandins. I’m not a science buff, so that’s enough of the anatomy lesson.

How to conquer them? 

Okay, I did a little research and watched a few ‘period hack’ videos and I while I could relate to some of the suggestions. Some of them just don’t work for me. So, I have come up with a list that works for me each month and makes that time of the month so much easier. When I do these things, I honestly forget that I am on my period…well besides the fact that I am literally bleeding. Oh, to be a woman. Just keep scrolling, hopefully something on my list will help you out!

Go horizontal


Understandably, most of us are too busy to just take a nap during the middle of the day. But, if you can, allow yourself a few minutes to lay down. Go to your car on your lunch break or stretch throughout the day. It may seem simple, but it’s effective.


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Water is so important on a regular day. However, during that special (hmm, special…right) time of the month focus on drinking a lot of water. It helps with annoying bloating. Also, warm water increases blood flow, and relaxes cramped muscles. I love a cup of green tea while battling cramps.

Sleep Aid Medicine

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Honestly, I try to avoid taking pain medicine, but sometimes it’s necessary. Super necessary! If I do take medicine, I aim to take it once I’m winding down for the day. I tend to go for a pain reliever with nighttime sleeping aid. It makes falling asleep a breeze and sleep= NO CRAMPS!

Eat healthier

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This one is seriously up for debate. Because I KNOW a good sugary doughnut or Snickers seems so satisfying while cramping. And you absolutely deserve it! But, I find after I indulge, my cramps intensify. So, while it seems like a great idea and tastes great, try to avoid those sweets. Pineapples, fish, tea and green vegetables are great foods to consume during your period.

Stay busy


I’m sure we’ve all hear about exercising while on your period to relieve cramps. Ugh! For some (aka me) that’s not ideal, but it does help. For those days I don’t feel like exercising on my period, I try to keep busy. Go to the movies, visit a friend, run errands. Staying busy inevitably keeps my mind off of my period and cramping.

Try out some or all of these cramp fixes that help me beat period cramps like a boss!


kay monique.


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