My Carry-On Essentials

My Carry-On Essentials

Lately, my travel life has been essentially nonexistent. You can find out why, in my previous post. However, next month I’ll be on a plane headed to the other side of the world! Is it too early to start packing?

Packing, packing, packing. Between deciding what to pack and actually packing, this can be a stressful task. Can you relate?

I want to help you out.

I have been more diligent about creating methods that allow me to get the most out of my packing. Now, I still hate checking bags (I think I always will)….one reason is the feeling of separation anxiety that comes from being away from my belongings. What if I need something that’s now under this plane? Or…what if the airline loses my stuff? Ugh! When checking a bag, I find that what I carry on the plane with me becomes very important.

I had to learn how to pack a legit carry on. Through personal trial and error, I’ve curated a list of my carry-on essentials. Regardless of what happens with your checked luggage (read: lost or delayed bags), this list is fool-proof, time and money-saving. Who doesn’t want that? Keep reading to see how I pack the best carry-on ever!

  1. Wallet and ID – Having my wallet and money on me at all times is a given. I also keep all forms of identification (driver’s license and passport) with me.
  2. Change of Clothes – I keep a light outfit in my carry on (think, sun dress or t-shirt and jeans) just in case my luggage is delayed or lost. I also take an extra set of undergarments with me.
  3. Phone and Earphones – I feel like this goes without saying. I like to text, listen to music and podcasts during flights.
  4. Chargers & Battery Packs – Traveling with dead electronics is such a hassle. I keep all my chargers and battery packs on deck.
  5. Sunglasses and/or Glasses – Whether it’s for ‘a look’ or to actually protect my eyes, I keep sunglasses on me. After being on a plane and inside the airport for hours, going outside and getting re-acclimated with the Sun can be crucial. Also, as a normal glasses wearer, having them with me provides a sense of security.
  6. Water – I have to stay hydrated at all times. Period.
  7. Toiletries and Wellness Necessities – For me this includes items that I need to stay fresh. Items like: a toothbrush/toothpaste, hand lotion, edge control, lipgloss and wipes. Don’t forget any health/wellness necessities, such as medication or vitamins.
  8. Gum – Usually people take gum on the plane to help with their ears popping. I pack gum because I don’t want to offend anyone with a hot mouth, especially after I’ve been sleeping during my flight.
  9. Neck Pillow – Honestly, I sleep during most of my flights and without a neck pillow, I’m a bobblehead. A good neck pillow = good quality of sleep.
  10. Reading Material – Did I say I sleep on my flights? Haha. When I’m not asleep having a good book to read is clutch.
  11. Keys – If I have to drive to and park at the airport, I make sure to have my car keys on me and in a memorable location. Let’s just say, a previous experience makes this an essential for me.

What are some of your carry on travel essentials? Comment below.


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