Self-Care: How I Go High, When I’m Feeling Low

Self-Care: How I Go High, When I’m Feeling Low

Moment of truth: I haven’t been feeling the best lately. I know that life is full of high and low moments and it isn’t normal to ALWAYS be at 100%. It also isn’t okay to stay down. When I am feeling low, I tend to pull back and go into a cocoon. I know, this isn’t necessarily the best solution.

It is important to realize that a low moment is just that, a moment. It isn’t a life sentence. The quicker that you can shake the darkness and head towards the light, the better. For me, it takes intentionality and directed effort to put myself back in the light.

I’d like to share a few of the ways that I lift my spirit when I’m feeling down. These six acts of self-care have proven beneficial for me and maybe they can be helpful for you, too. The best part is that each tip does not require extensive effort, just a willingness to start your upward journey.

Netflix…and Chill?

Yes, literally chill. When I’m feeling low, I need an escape from my thoughts. Hello, Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. I get my mind off of things by taking time to finish up a show I’ve been watching, start a new movie or catch up on my favorite YouTube channels. The key is to watch something that makes you feel good.

My recommendations: ‘Working Moms’ on Netflix is hilarious (if you like dry humor, like me). Two YT channels I’ve been loving are – Jenelle Eliana (a young WOC living the #vanlife) and Roll with Cole & Charisma (a young interabled and interracial couple).

Open a Book

When I’m feeling discouraged, scrolling through my social media feeds can be mentally and emotionally draining. Between the subconscious comparisons and overwhelming social and political issues, it can be a lot. I like to put my electronics down and grab a book. An actual book with printed pages and a spine. Kindle and Audible won’t do.

My recommendations: If you’re into self-help books, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen is a great one. I’m currently reading The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory. It’s a fun, romantic novel written by a black woman.

Go Outdoors

Whether it is a simple walk to grab a bite to eat or a full fledged hike. Time outdoors to take in fresh air and Vitamin D is good for my soul. This weekend, I drove an hour away from metro Atlanta to a state park called, Amicalola Falls. The hike was intense, but so worth it. The scenic views instantly boosted my spirit.

Amicalola Falls in Dawsonville, GA

My recommendations: While outside, intentionally focus on nature – the sights, sounds and smells. I like to walk and think of Matthew 6:26 to banish my worries. “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

Find the Light

Lighting is not only important for a bomb picture. It also has biological and psychological effects that can impact our wellbeing. Warm lighting promotes relaxation and is great for winding down. At night, I love to turn off my sharp lights, turn on lamp and light a candle.

My recommendations: My current favorite candles are Gingham and Stress Relief from Bath and Body Works. Light a candle, spray a relaxation spray on your bedding and unwind.

Thankful, Thankful, Thankful

I know that I am blessed…we all are. And when I’m in a funk, that does not change. If anything, I work more diligently to express my thankfulness and remind myself of how fortunate that I am. The fact that I am alive and able-bodied is enough to be grateful for.

My recommendations: Start with 5-7 days of writing out three things that you are thankful for. Each day choose three different things.

Cleanse my Space

I am big on energy and vibes. It may be new age to some, but I believe that God speaks to us via the vibes we get from people and situations we face. Before I am met with people or the happenings of a new day, I like to cleanse my own energy and vibe. I do this by praying and burning sage. Sage has been proven to contain antimicrobial properties. You are literally cleansing your air with this stress-relieving practice.

My recommendations: Start with a devotional and prayer. Then open windows and doors and begin to burn sage. While I’m cleansing my space, I speak positive affirmations out loud. I announce my thankfulness and profess that there is no room for negativity.

As always, I hope that you are able to successfully take something away from this post. What are some ways that you lift yourself back up when you don’t feel the greatest? Comment below!


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